New Year, Same Me

January 10, 2018

Back again..


This week I've taken a lot of time to reflect on the past year, the changes I've made and the things I still want to accomplish in the New Year, probably just like everyone else. I’ve also been thinking about all these posts about self-improvement labeled with the phrase “new year, new you” that flood the internet every year around this time. I’m here to tell you, I think it’s time we call out how b.s. that concept is. I'll tell ya why..


Going into 2017, I felt like it was my year and I set my expectations and goals high. I even called my mom on New Year’s Day and told her, "Guess what? It's 2017, my number and the Year of the Rooster. The stars are aligning", since I was born on January 7th, 1993, which was the last Year of the Rooster. Also, side note, my mom and I have this weird thing where we think everything that has a 1 and 7 is some sort of sign from above, so now 17 is my number. Anyone else? Haha.


Anyways, after getting back from the holidays I was on a mission to get going on all these goals I set for myself, which were starting a blog, moving and making career moves. All of which I thought would make my life SO much better.


First was my blog, the easiest goal to check off the list. I started with a blank website, new DSLR camera, and a broad idea of what I wanted it to be. I thought my focus would be on style, but as I went along I started to realize that it’s a much better place for me to ramble on about my life and build a network of people I could relate to. So, I continued down that route and built up my website and a small network of bloggers who shared some of the same interests.


Then came the move, when everything really started to change for me. I knew I wanted to move closer to my family, friends and boyfriend and there was really only one option that made the most sense, Chicago. So, when I came back to Dallas, I broke the news to my manager that I would be moving by the end of my lease in March.


Finally came my career. After moving and being in Chicago for 6 months, I made the decision to leave the job I had been at for the last two years to go after another opportunity (which I wrote about in my last post way back in October). Another big change.


Check, check, and check.


I know you’re probably thinking all of these things made me a ~new me~ and everything is perfect now, right? Haha. Not quite. Here’s the reality:


I started a blog that has become my favorite hobby, but is like a baby. It needs a lot of time and love if you really want to keep growing it, which is something I haven’t really had recently so I had to put it on hold.


I moved to a new city, that I’m still kind of adjusting to, and left an awesome group of friends behind.


I started a new job that has become my number one focus while I get myself up to speed, taking away some of the energy I had to spend on other things in my life, like my blog.


The lesson learned? All these big goals you set for yourself in the New Year aren’t going to make your life SO much better and easier than the year before. If they’re worthwhile, they’ll actually challenge you and make you work harder, making it impossible to accomplish overnight. Your goals are also not going to make you a “new you”. They’ll make you a wiser, smarter, stronger version of yourself by testing your will to go after what you want, which I think is a lot better than being a “new you”. 


So, cheers to it being the New Year and still being the same damn me trying to figure it all out!


Until next time.. but I think i'll stay here awhile. 


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